Manchester Wood Art and Craft Club

….doing stuff with wood


Manchester Wood Art and Craft Club are presently meeting at Withington Adult Learning Centre on Burton Road.  We are a club run by the members. We make decisions by having occasional meetings. Anyone who is a member is welcome to come to the meetings.

We meet on Monday evenings from 5.30pm to 8pm for 3, 12 week “semesters” per year.  Tutoring by a professional artist is available as is friendly advice and support, tea coffee, sometimes biscuits and recently someone brought homemade cinnamon buns (this sort of thing is encouraged.)

The fee is £76.00 per semester. This can be negotiated if you join half way through the semester, have a commitment that means you will miss a number of sessions, fall on hard times or just want to come along to make sure if it’s really the sort of thing you want to do.


2 comments on “About

  1. BobShawBirch
    August 1, 2016


    I am looking for very simple job to commission.

    I need a decanter to sit easily on a small wooden plinth (or tray) and inside a small carved out well. This will give the decanter some security from being accidentally knocked over.

    The decanter has been donated to our Allotment Society by a local family following the death of a gardener/member. It will become a trophy at our annual allotment show. The small plinth is for display purposes but it must be sufficiently large to enable new names to be inscribed over the coming years.

    Would you be able to undertake this work?

    Are you abel to quote me, please?

    I can visit you to explain more

    Kind regards

    Bob Shaw
    12 Birch Grove
    M14 5JY

    • mcrwacc
      August 9, 2016

      Hi Bob
      I will direct your enquiry to club members and see if anyone is able to help. Our next meeting is in September but I will text around

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